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Find encouraging tips of how to become more Healthy and Frugal!

Are you overwhelmed every time you think of becoming more frugal & focusing on a more healthy lifestyle?

That's exactly how I used to feel.

I hope you find encouragement here in finally changing that....
one Baby Step at a time.

Before we get into all this healthy living and saving money hoopla, there are a few things you must know.


How to Make a Smoothie Healthy & Yummy

Do you want to start making healthier choices but are overwhelmed and don't know where to start?  Join me in taking this trip slowly~with Baby Steps.

 If this is your first time reading a post about our Baby Steps to Frugal and Healthy Living then you may want to start HERE.

What's today's Baby Step to a Healthy Lifestyle?  Green Smoothies!

I know, you are looking at the picture and thinking....but it's GREEN. no way.  It looks gross. 

I understand because I felt the same way before.

 I didn't grow up eating any green vegetables except for green beans.  Oh, the veggies were provided by my parents but they just didn't force me to eat them.  So I didn't.  Ever.

 "I've come a long way baby" and the fact that I am drinking something healthy and green is monumental.  What makes this smoothie recipe great is that you only taste the fruit and not the veggies.


Easiest (& Best) All-Natural Detergent

Have you been searching for a natural laundry detergent that will effectively clean your clothes but eliminate the use of harsh chemicals?

This simple formula will accomplish both.  Oh yeah, and it's super frugal.  Yay.

If you missed other posts in the series~ Baby Steps to Healthy & Frugal Living then click HERE.

I'm tickled to report that after many failed attempts, I've put together an effective, easy and frugal homemade laundry detergent that I ADORE. I think u will too.


Did you notice that I said adore?  I know it is weird to place the words 'laundry detergent' and 'adore' in the same sentence.  Let me explain:


Woolzie Dryer Ball Review & Giveaway

As you know, I have been sharing some Baby Steps to Healthy and Frugal Living that we have been having sweet success with lately.  By taking these small steps to a road of healthier living we won't get overwhelmed and STOP trying, right?!

Remember the mystery photo?

The reveal is here!

I was tickled to share with you a successful, All Natural Laundry Detergent that I love.
 Some questioned me,  "what is the best way to get our clothes dry naturally" & "how to save money with it?"

So what do we know about dryer sheets


Super Easy Homemade Pizza Dough

Oh My Goodness, I am so excited that I have finally conquered a fear and been successful at making my own homemade pizza dough.  It's funny how a teeny tiny little package of yeast can intimidate a girl so. 
When I conquer my fear of making amazing homemade biscuits too~I'll let you know.  :)
You know that lately, we have been taking Baby Steps to Healthy and Frugal Living for healthy families around here.  I've discovered that for my family, it is the only way to change our lifestyle and stick with it. 


These Roasted Veggies are DELISH!

I'm just TICKLED that something so healthy & frugal concerning the word, vegetables, could be so DELICIOUS!

"What is this amazing veggie dish?" you say.
Drum roll please................ Roasted Carrots & Broccoli

I've made this twice already this week and I still can't get over how quick, easy, healthy and especially tasty my new vegetable dish is.  I hate to call it a recipe since it is so very simple.


Healthier Ranch Dressing Recipe 

As we are making Baby Steps to Healthy Living AND in the midst of our Six Week Eating Fresh Experiment, salads are a big part of our success.  We have at least one salad orgreen smoothie pretty much every day.  I have perfected (from trial and error) a healthier ranch dressing recipe that my family loves and I want to share it with you.

I knew that ranch dressing was not the healthiest thing you could consume because the store-bought kind includes many fattening items and is very expensive.  What I didn't realize until recently was how many preservatives, unknown ingredients and tons of sodium were also added.  Yuck!


How to Tell Real Food from Fake Food 
{Six-Week Eating Fresh Experiment}

Do YOU need motivation to lead your family in a healthy lifestyle but are too overwhelmed to start?

I understand, believe me!  

With all of the conflicting ideas we hear about food, it may be hard to know what to eat. I've got some simple solutions.