Oct 26, 2013

Money Saving Saturdays {Step 3}
How To Discover Savings In Your Home This Month!

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Money Saving Saturdays Series

Let's start with small steps and work our way up to really blessing the Lord and our families with lots o' savings, shall we?

If you missed them, here are the first two steps in the series:


I'm so tickled to show you how I've learned to discover savings in our home this very month and I can assure you that each of these money saving tips have more precious benefits than just the money savings.

discover savings

Be Intentional

This is a recurring theme you keep hearing if you spend anytime here on THTG, isn't it?  It's true though.....

I'm so encouraged by the scriptures as the Word tells us that Daniel purposed in his heart not to do what the culture around him was doing but he honored the Lord instead.

"But Daniel resolved not to defile himself" .....

I encourage you to read Chapter 1 of the Book of Daniel as a precursor to this challenge.  

The Book of Daniel

As you learn some quick tips to discover savings this month, the Lord may bring to mind a few bad habits in spending that He wants to help you change.  Daniel is a great reminder of God's blessings in our faithfulness to stand firm and trust Him.

 Resolved- verb : to make a definite and serious decision to do something
Fervor- noun, : a strong feeling of excitement and enthusiasm

"We must resolve to make positive changes with intention and fervor.  Be intentional like Daniel"   ~The How to Guru

You can "tweet" or FB that.  *grin*

Unplug That Phone 

My hubby called me crazy a few years ago when I couldn't get our landline phone bill at a decent price and threatened to cut it off.

It drove me bananas how it was so expensive but yet we weren't using most of the services  I reasoned that most people would call our cell phones anyway to be sure to catch us on the move and the only ones calling our phone were the telemarketers.

He relented.

Cha Ching!

$65 that was going to the phone company.  We have our cell phones of course and use them exclusively.  I now know a lot of families who are who are moving in this direction.

Extra Benefit:  Spending less time answering random calls from strangers telemarketers and more time with the fam ;)

 Turn off the TV 

One of the best decisions we have made that has brought better communication, more family time, less stress, more peace, and lots o' savings has been turning off the TV in our home.

Hear me out, I don't mean that we don't watch TV at all...We definitely do but it is much more limited and purposeful.

For me, the reason was two-fold.  I was FED UP with all the unnecessary inappropriateness that was billowing into our living room and we could save some serious cash by cutting off the cable/satellite.

We had always subscribed to the package closest to the cheapest but were a step up in order to have the news and military channels with two receivers.

I could write an entire post on How to Find what you want to watch without a TV......Maybe I will.

Cha Ching!

$80 was about what we spent on satellite.  Now we spend $7.99 on NetFlix per month and about $1.69 or so on random new TV shows that we watch through Amazon Instant Streaming.

Extra Benefit:  I wrote a whole article on it at the beginning of the year about what a blessing it has become called Why Should You Give up some TV Time in 2013 that explain the benefits.

Sell Your {Junk} Stuff

For me, I had seen several articles selling on Ebay, Craigslist and such but the thought of having to get together those items that we didn't need anymore was such a huge job.....

UNTIL I tackled the small steps of organizing my closet!

I took several Saturdays to organize my closet in baby steps and my closet looked so awesome that I didn't want to but the junk back in there.

So I made an area for the stuff that I wanted to sell.  I've learned a lot about where and how to sell your stuff the most efficiently but that is another post......

Just one of the piles to clear out and make room although books are never considered junk around here.

walk in closet

Here are links to the closet challenge if you are interested:

Extra Benefit:  My closet has remained organized for 3 months now and I can't tell you how much more peace I have each day when I step inside and can quickly and easily do what I came for or find what I'm looking for.  We also have made a little cash to pay off some bills!

 Stop Buying Stuff

This is hard for us girls isn't it?

We go "shopping" and just happen to stumble upon so many cute things, right?

Truth be told, most of those cute must-have whatnots end up forgotten in a few weeks but yet all those small purchases add up quickly to our bottom line.

Here are a few tips to think about before you go shopping.

  • Consider staying home-you sure will save lots that way
  • Take a list to buy only what you went for
  • Before you buy, ask yourself if this item is essential to your family for the long haul
  • Before you buy, ask yourself if you will still need this item 6 months from now
  • Before you buy a new top (or whatever) ~ sell or give away an old one
Extra Benefits:  You will save tons, not be a clutter bug, and you won't have to fight feelings of contentment if you don't see the all new stuff available all the time.

 Cut Your Gas Bill 

If you were to consolidate your quick trips to town, how much free time would you have and how much gas could you save?

I'd like to challenge you to do two new things:

  • Plan your next week in advance
  • Stay at home at least two more days each week.

Consider consolidating your errands and shopping on the same days you have to leave the house for kid's practice or other obligations.  And stay home the other days.  This can work especially for stay at home or work at home Moms.

You will be amazed at how much gas, time and sanity is saved!

Extra Benefit:  You will have more time to be a Keeper of Your Home and have more time to actually complete those projects and fun times with your family.

 Frugal Meal Planning

Saving money really is possible if you are willing to put a little thought into it ahead of time.  When you can Make Meals without Shopping, you are well on your way.

Once you are able to Save Money on Groceries, you will plan out at least a week's worth of meals from the groceries you bought on sale on your last grocery store trip.  If you are all out of ideas for "frugal meals", google those two words and pick meals from that list that are simple and require just a few ingredients that you already have on hand.

You don't have to find a fancy template to plan our your frugal meals.  You could print a blank calendar of the current month and simply write down what family favorites you could create with the food that you already have in your home.

Extra Benefits:  I promise you, with a little forethought you can save tons of money and create more peace by having the huge task of planning meals under control.

 Eat at Home

I know, I know ~ we all enjoy going out to eat at restaurants.

What if I told you that eating out too much could be destroying our families?

The more you eat out:
  • The more money you spend per person, per meal
  • The less you know about what you are really eating ~ scary stuff and you know it!
  • The less whole, unprocessed, healthy, local, raw, REAL food your family is eating
  • The less quality family time around the dinner time we are getting
  • The less your kiddos are learning from you how to prepare home cooked meals

I know you {like me} have read at least one report stating that the more that your children spend quality time at regular meals around the family table, the better they will do in every way.  The reasons are too many to list here.

I've read that we Americans spend more time watching television about how to cook that we actually spend preparing meals ourselves with our families.


Y'all, this ought not be!

Extra Benefits:  Let's get back to a time where we not only save tons of money on food by cooking at home but also that we spend more time with our family at home during the oh so important family table  *where important discussions can be had and memories can be made*.

Tell me in the Comments if you are going to Get ready, Set, Go ~ Save that Money and Spend Time with that Family!

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Rosevine Cottege said...

What a great post and a great reminder. Thank you for coming over to our linkup! Hope to keep in touch. Blessings!

Arica said...

BRAVO SHAN BRAVO!!! I loved this post. Unfortunately it has taken me almost 2 weeks to read it. I am glad I took the time today. I totally agree with you on every level. We must do things in our lives intentional if not then we just go through life without really knowing what we are doing... Keep it up girl you make me proud!!!!!!!

Kinda Zennish said...

I couldn't agree more that turning off the TV is a wonderful thing. We have Netflix but no cable too. Just the fact that my kids aren't watching all the commercials for the latest junk food is well worth going without!

Shan Walker said...

Thank you so much and Welcome!


Shan Walker said...

You are so kind my dear!


Shan Walker said...

Thanks for the encouragement Kinda. You are exactly right and it's one of the best decisions we have ever made!