Sep 4, 2013

Home School ~ A True Story

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More people ask about our choice to Home Educate than any other facet of our lives.   We really do have so many diverse groups of people that we are regularly a part of and several of those are not predominantly homeschooling families.

It's a hot topic.

I've decided to write more about it for three main reasons.....

My heart at this point of our homeschooling journey is:

  1. To help encourage other homeschooling families.
  2. To help those who would like to begin but are overwhelmed.
  3. To help the rest of the world slightly understand how amazing it really is!
If you missed Why in the World We Home School, be sure to catch up with that first.

I had to laugh at the beginning of the following documentary because it starts with a young boy saying that he can now eat whenever he wants to since he is home educated.

Ah, boys!  {haha}

The rest of the video is very interesting though, indeed.

Oh yeah, you'll hear the word:  WHACKADOODLE.

It's my new favorite word and researching it is your assignment for the day.

I also find the small list of famous people educated at home fascinating too.....


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