Jun 28, 2013

In Between Hopes and Dreams

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I'm Pretty Much "In-Between"


I've been thinking about my hopes and dreams lately.

{You are never too old to still have hopes and dreams, thank you very much!}

I'm on the brink of entering new beginnings in my industry.

I've taken time off to pursue other ventures and then to begin home educating.

We also just went through a time of living in two separate states due to the hubster's work situation but we are home now for good...

Life is changing and I'll have a little bit more time to carve out those hopes and dreams...

It's thrilling.

It's nauseating.

It should make you nauseous when you are dreaming big, right?

If not, what's the point?

Does God want us to dream big?

Think of all the BIG tasks that He gave normal, messed-up, average people in the bible.

{Sounds like me~the messed-up part}

I'm sitting here thinking about examples in God's word:

 Joshua fighting powerful armies as the underdog kid

Daniel vs. King Nebuchadnezzar and the lions ...

Moses having to face a Pharaoh when all he felt he could do was stutter  ...

Noah looking like a lunatic as he built a ginormous boat with no rain  ...

Jonah telling a nation about God after failing God & narrowly escaping death  ...

Nehemiah wanting to literally rebuilt the temple after devastation  ...

Esther saving her entire people group  ...

All of these situations came with issues, barriers, scary consequences.

All of these had a thrilling end goal.

All of these could have quit because of their fear of the future.

What's the common thread here about these historical accounts?  There are many but...

They ALL turned to God for help in the In-Between.

They were accomplishing God's work in God's timing.

He allowed them to use their talents for HIM that some didn't know they had...

Til they trusted Him in the In-Between.

So What about Us?

Now, I know I am not Esther or Daniel but I want my life and work to be a ministry.

Being a Wife and Mom can be a ministry in itself but boy, is it tough.

Am I allowing God to use me for His glory?

Are YOU?

What you can't fix on your own~God can.

What you can't accomplish on your own~God can.

Colossians 3:23
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters...

Philippians 4:13

 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

What are YOUR hopes and dreams?  

Will you turn to God, the one who gave them to you in the first place?

{I decided to try this link-up with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday.  Friday is a time when we “write for five minutes no worrying if everything is just right.”  I'll admit this was hard for me not to organize, proofread and add a picture.  Maybe I won't get fired from the club!  Join the fun here.}

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Joy said...

Shannon, thanks for sharing. My post today is similar as I'm also dreaming big, and feeling thrilled and nauseated as well.

Shan Walker said...

Welcome Joy!
I'm so glad you stopped by.
It's an exciting time. Praying your dreams come to fruition in God's perfect timing.
I'm going to read your post now that you must have also added as part of Five Minute Friday.


Stephanie @ BeeTreeStudios said...

Yep, there are times I really feel like a "Noah"! It can be hard when so many people think you're crazy for dreaming big and not taking the "normal" path! I'm glad to have a few supporters in my family, but it's always remembering I'm here to do something, learn something that keeps me from getting too down about negative judgements =) I know this post is a bit "old" but it hit my FB newsfeed at the right time! =)