Mar 25, 2013

These Homeschoolers Are Active!

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My family is blessed with an amazing group of wonderful Moms and phenomenal kids in our home school group.   I hope you are encouraged with fresh ideas for your own group.  If you don't home educate, I hope you are tickled by the intensity of our socialization.  *wink*

Each summer before the school year starts, there is a Moms-Only night of planning field trips and details for the upcoming year.  It has turned into a casual night~kind of a pajama party~that requires many snacks for clear thinking.   We have some great Mom planners that are blessed in this area. 

 Each month of the school year includes Co-Op classes, a big field trip and several smaller activities.  Each school year is packed with tons of learning, activities, trips, laughter and all-around fun! 

Need some ideas of what your group could do together?  Here are just some of the things we have done in the past: 

Plan for your group to attend a parade together, play at the park, tour your library, learn how to make puppets, have a Valentine's Party, tour local businesses, visit a farm, host a show-and-tell time, visit a nursing home with cards made by the kids, attend a Veteran's Day Ceremony, have a skating party, plan a field day, etc.

Thank you Moms {and your kids} for enriching our lives with your planning, presence and friendship!

What do YOUR kids love to do?

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