Apr 17, 2014

Thankful for Godly Examples

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Apr 15, 2014

Youth With A Mission ~ Spring Break 2014

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David Taylor - God's servant

This post is dedicated to our friend, David Taylor, pictured above, who passed into eternity with Jesus just 6 days after we all returned from this youth mission trip.  He blessed countless children, youth and adults with his quiet, serving spirit.

He will forever be remembered by these kids as "Mr. Chill" who, when asked if the chaos and noise these teenagers made on his bus bothered him, he just replied, "Ah, just let 'em have fun."

grill masters

God is in the Details

Last year for Spring Break, our student ministry traveled to the nation of Haiti to minister there.

Here's a video of the trip {David was on this trip with his family as well-What a godly man}:

Since then, our student pastor made connections with a Haitian pastor who has been serving in the midst of an enormous Haitian community in Palm County, Florida.

God was calling us to serve in this community {about 80,000 strong} for such a time as this.

There are so many things to say about this trip, so many photos to share, and memories to capture in this moment in time that it will take more than one blog post!

I hope you enjoy this as a local member of our community, parent of youth that traveled with us, faithful followers of THTG, or just someone who is motivated with renewed hope in some of the godly teenagers of this generation.


We arrived on Saturday, March 28th and got settled in right away.

spring break mission trip

missionary work

The church family let us use two buildings for housing and another of their buildings became our chow hall.

Peniel Haitian Baptist Church

There was much prep work to get done by each of the pre-appointed teams in order to be ready to lead the week-long VBS.

vbs 2014

study for VBS 2014


Our first full morning was Sunday where we began by gathering outside the girl's building for a super-early and sweet, outdoor morning worship.  The praise music was only accompanied by guitar, drum and a soft breeze.

outdoor worship

Then we got the unique privilege to worship for several hours with the local church community where worship is normally spoken exclusively in Creole.

Our student pastor was asked to speak during the service and an interpreter was provided to translate from English to Creole for the older Haitian generation.

I'll admit that during worship, I got all choked up!

 I was overwhelmed that we were all united, young and old, worshiping the same King of kings together in our own language...but together...and it was a sweet aroma of praise to the Father.


And they sang a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals, because you were slain, and with your blood you purchased for God persons from every tribe and language and people and nation.  Revelation 5:9

Throughout the week, we worshiped, played, ministered to families, taught God's word, played some more and became closer to the Lord and each other in the process.

spring break 2014

God's family
preaching the word

emmanuel baptist church

What's a youth trip without staying up all night?  :)

To be continued.....

Apr 13, 2014

Palm Sunday Shindig 2014

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Welcome to the Shindig  Y'all !

{Shindig, n. Southern Slang word meaning celebration, excitement, gala}

Join the party as we celebrate the good, the bad and the crazy of the week we've had and find the blessings hidden beneath the chaos, the clutter and our all-around nonstop lives as women.

Cue the Confetti.....

Palm Sunday Celebration

Guru Galore

In case you  missed these recent posts:

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Did I mention a small detail recently --- that we were traveling to Haiti for Spring Break?

Well, the community in South Florida called "little"  Haiti. that is!

spring break mission trip 2014


We went to bless children and adults with an action-packed VBS that shared the truth of Christ, but instead the community blessed us seven-fold in a way that changed us forever.

A full post with a plethora of details and photos about our trip is next but for now I'll just share one exciting event we weren't expecting on the trip.....

An ER visit!

Superman went and ripped apart his calf muscle on day 4 of our 6-day mission trip and got to come home with the gift of a temporary cast and lots of unique memories for sure!

I've been busy being the head nurse around here and wouldn't have it any other way.

It's amazing how much we take for granted when our bodies work perfectly!

Guru Gems
Did you hear the amazing story of the critically- wounded soldier who was compelled to salute?  Wait for the video to load at the top of the page then read the rest of the story!

michelle duggar's body image
How does Michelle Duggar really feel about her body image after having so many babies?

Jill Duggar engaged
Guess what?  The first Duggar girl is engaged!

Harper's Bizarre Fashion Trends 
Modesty Alert~Love it!
Check out what appeared as the standard for women in a women's mag from the 1800s.

On this Palm Sunday, I wanted to leave you with a glimpse of the cross.

Jesus is Alive!!!

First, the story behind my new fav song.....

My new fav:

Kari Jobe's brand new album is for sale here.

Won't you fall in love with Jesus today?  He's been waiting for you!

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